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TimberNorth provides fireline GPS-ing and mapping services using portable field plotters.  This enables our wildfire planners on the fire to gather the data, integrate it and provide a usable, reliable and accurate product to the wildfire team very quickly.  TimberNorth completes forest fuel assessments, FireSmart planning and supervision.  Our field staff have many years of experience in dealing with wildfires.  Their skills include fire fighting, mapping, GPS-ing fires, and crew supervision.  


The services we offer within the Forest Fire sector include:

When working in the field on a wildfire, detailed mapping is a resource that is a rare commodity.  TimberNorth has comprehensive technology to provide the precise mapping required to provide efficiency to any job.  Our qualified staff have extensive experience with mapping software and can apply the knowledge in a field environment.  We can tailor the mapping to show the aspects of fire fighting required for the job.


Field Map Plotting


TimberNorth has the capability to send personnel and equipment out to a wildfire in order to collect GPS data on wildfire boundary, catguard and camp locations.  Being directly on the scene enables us to provide current and accurate data to the emergency response team.  

Wildfire GPS Mapping/Plotting


Wildfire is a natural part of the landscape - it promotes diversity and provides a source for nutrient cycling.  However, these advantages are not seen in such a positive light when we incorporate our homes into this landscape.  The members of TimberNorth can ease this transition in the form of FireSmart planning.  We can aid you by incorporating many facets of this program into your private home or community. 

FireSmart Mapping/Supervision


By evaluating the potential for wildfire ignition and spread through forest fuel assessments, you will be better equipped to manage suppression capabilities and threats to important values whether it be timber, equipment or communities.  The qualified staff at TimberNorth have a surplus of years of experience within the fire industry.  Our accomplished professionals have a strong understanding of fire behaviour and can apply their knowledge to a management plan through the use of these assessments.

Forest Fuel Assessments
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