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TimberNorth Consulting continues to make forward strides in all aspects of the natural resources sector.  We continue to update our technology in order to give our clients the very best quality data and expertise in the field.

The TimberNorth staff includes accredited biologists, foresters and forest technicians.  These team members have a broad array of experience in the forestry, energy sector, environmental and sand & gravel industries.

Our teams conduct wildlife surveys (e.g., bird, mammal and fish), watercourse assessments, nesting sweeps (during Restricted Activity Period - RAP) and surveys, Water Act Applications (including Temporary Diversion Licences - TDL and Transfer of Water Allocations), Environmental Field Reports (EFR) and Enhanced Approval Process (EAP).

Operational and strategic planning can encompass services from start to finish and anywhere in between.  Our field teams gather data where it is then brought to the planning team to be converted, analyzed and documentation preparation completed applicable to the client's needs.

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