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We offer a high level of GIS and GPS technologies.  This team is highly trained in developing and analyzing what is best suited to any situation.

Cary Gulka, RPFT
GPS/GIS Services Coordinator

Cary began his career 20+ years ago in the natural resources industry at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), studying Forest Technology.  He primarily consulted in the forestry sector participating in harvest block and road layout and sample plot measurements.  Cary was eventually propelled into supervisory positions overseeing harvest operations and logging activities for private clients and industry.  He currently works for TimberNorth providing both office and field expertise in operational planning and provides GPS services for various private clients.

Mike Elfstedt, BSc, RPF
Operational Services Coordinator

Mike has a Forest Technology Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from the University of Alberta.  With over 23 years as a forestry consultant, his background includes harvest block and road layout, traditional landuse surveys, silviculture supervision and surveys, forest protection (fire suppression and mapping), ecosystem management, government and public relations, quality control, forest and insect and disease surveys and Annual Operating Plan development.

Mike has spent time in the last 15 years gaining extensive knowledge and experience on the use and support of various GPS systems for field survey work.  More recently he has been involved with multiple clients in regard to the FP Innovations FPSuite data collection.  Using this analysis tool, Mike helps companies track and understand how they can improve efficiency in their operational field equipment.

Rick Yusep
GIS Specialist

Rick began his professional career studying Forest Technologies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), then further supplementing his diploma certificate with a certificate in GIS from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Ontario.  In his early stages in the natural resources industry, Rick participated as a crew lead for Permanent Sample Plots for the provincial government.  Currently, Rick works for TimberNorth as a GIS specialist, assisting our harvest planners, providing data administration and system administration.

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