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The MultiDAT electronic datalogger was designed by FERIC specifically for measuring the utilization rate of heavy equipment involved in forestry operations. An analysis of MultiDAT data makes it possible to substantially increase the profitability of all types of operations using heavy equipment when part of a continuous improvement program.




  • Record machine movement - MultiDAT is equipped with an internal sensor that detects machine movement but not motor vibrations. In many cases, simply having this information can provide a quick overview of production time.

  • Record the use of machine functions - When linked to sensors (up to four) supplied by the user, MultiDAT can record the use of the machine’s functions. This makes it possible to analyze how long the machine functions are in use or to count how many times they are activated. 

  • Monitor operations using GPS technology - The Global Positioning System (GPS) option can be added for collecting positional data and determining the areas treated. This data may be exported for analysis using ArcGIS or compatible software.

  • Be used as a log book - MultiDAT has a very user-friendly interface that allows operators to identify themselves and quickly enter codes that describe the work in progress or the cause of machine downtime. These codes can be customized for each machine.


Click here to download the MultiDAT datasheet.

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