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TimberNorth offers extensive GPS services for any variety of projects.  Our GPS team can coordinate our services to the final product our client requires.  Starting from data collection all the way to data management with our GIS (Geographic Information System) team, we can see a project from start to finish.


The following services are offered by our qualified professionals):


TimberNorth uses Trimble Pro Series receivers and Juniper data loggers to collect data in the field for our clients' needs.  We can tailor the information collected to whatever your need is - including differentially corrected data collection.  We pride ourselves in our quality of collection and knowledge in the use and troubleshooting of our GPS hardware.  The employees at TimberNorth have been collecting GPS data for years and have an in-depth understanding of the importance of accurate data acquisition.  We can see your project through from start to finish - all the way from identifying goals, configuring GPS units and creating GPS backgrounds to data integration into your GIS system, quality assurance and database integration.

Data Aquisition


Data collection is enabled through the use of data dictionaries. Using the right data dictionary, even if only one attribute is entered for each mapped location, makes data entry in the field and post-processing more efficient. Data dictionaries eliminate the need for manual data entry resulting in fewer errors when transferring data to external databases.  Our GPS team has been creating data dictionaries, for a wide array of projects, for many years and can offer the highest quality experience to any client.

Data Dictionary Development


TimberNorth uses GPS Pathfinder to export data collected from the data logger.  Raw data can then be cleaned up (and if necessary - differentially corrected) then converted over to a useable format for your GIS system. 

Post Processing
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