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FPTrak is a web-based service which integrates all the data from the FPDat* and the MultiDat** units allowing you to monitor your equipment production and performance, anywhere and anytime.  It is a secure system that will give you access to all FPDat and MultiDat data directly on your map as well as access to other information for tracking the progress of production activities at a given site and conducting analyses on performance.  


FPTrak provides you with the data you need to manage your company and maximize your profitability.


FPTrak uses field data collected with FPDat and other sources of data to inform managers at any given time of the machinery's performance.  Analyses are conducted automatically and will allow you to quickly obtain key performance indicators and see control panels.  With this, you can track changes in performance at all times.


You will have a personalized web page showing all the completed work in a mapped form.  The background will show the work initially planned so you can quickly visualize what has actually been done and what is left to do.


Using FPTrak allows you to focus your energy on improving operations rather than on managing electronic files.  Management reports and tables are produced automatically by FPTrak so you don't have to do anything specific to generate the data you need.  You just have to review the results and make necessary corrections.


FPTrak gives you all the information you need to improve your performance resulting in increased profitability.  The performance and mapping of generated data by the software helps you identify sources of inefficiency so they can be corrected.

Click here to download the FPTrak data sheet.

* is a Trademark of FPInnovations

** is a Trademark of Castonguay

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