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FPCom is a communications device which links your FPDat* or MultiDAT** to the FPTrak* system.  The data collected by the FPDat is transmitted via satellite or cell phone effortlessly to the FPTrak system.  From here, you can monitor and analyze your equipment's performance from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


FPCom Satellite ensures that the operator in the field can communicate with the office via satellite network to send and receive data collected by FPCom or other data collectors.  Information can be retrieved from the equipment in quasi real-time and without the operator's help.  It is the perfect technology for machines in remote locations or those that are difficult to reach.


Owing to its characteristics, FPCom Satellite allows you to transfer data in quasi real-time and inexpensively when the monthly amount of data to transfer is low.  FPCom Mobile can transfer a larger amount of information, namely spatial data, at a very low cost.


Using a satellite network to send information makes it possible to obtain data quickly with FPCom.  You can monitor performance and react to any change or special situation occurring at the work site.

* is a Trademark of FPInnovations

** is a Trademark of Castonguay

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