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TimberNorth offers highly advanced services in GIS (Geographic Information System) technology.  Our GIS team can help you visualize, analyze and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns and trends.  


We can offer several different services to your organization:



A GIS system is only as good as the data that is in it.  For this reason, TimberNorth specializes in managing your data in an efficient manner.

From the data gathering stage, be it obtained from external sources or from GPS field collection, to the final mapping and reporting, we can manage your data.  We support, store, convert and manipulate, edit and map many data formats and types.  TimberNorth will ensure your data is correct, accurate and up to standards, including taking care of metadata, data dictionaries, relationship classes and topology validation.

Data Acquisition/Mgmt


TimberNorth has extensive experience with operational mapping and database management and can complete the maps to your specifications, whatever your industry application may be.  Close integration with our field services ensures that our products meet industry standards and client specifications.

We can provide a large number of custom maps ranging from operational mapping (operating plan, site plan, terrain hazard assessment, detailed overview, environmental, GPS coordinate and location), economic development and management mapping to predictive mapping.

TimberNorth utilizes an enterprise GIS database system.  With multi-user editing support, this allows a number of people to work on the same data thus enabling us to quickly produce high quality maps for time-sensitive projects.

Map Solutions/Products


More and more organizations are relying on external service providers to run non-core business processes or are utilizing the skills of external providers for specific projects.  Using our GIS service can help you save costs, solve your project resourcing constraints and at the same time provide you with access to a range of highly experienced and cost-effective GIS consultants.

We are able to deliver a full range of GIS services to your organization or users without the need to maintain in-house staff and associated investment in GIS infrastructure.  Perhaps only a short-term resource is required to help with a project.  TimberNorth would be happy to provide an experienced GIS professional to accommodate your needs.

GIS Services


TimberNorth specializes in ArcPy automation scripting.  A versatile scripting language, Python integrates flawlessly with GIS products and enables us to create custom tools that are used to generate maps and reports.  Using the ArcPy package provides a useful and productive way to perform geographic data analysis, data conversion, data management and map/reports automation with Python.

Large amounts of data are quickly and effortlessly summarized, interpreted and visualized.  These types of custom developed tools enable you to free up personnel from generating repetitive or standardized products - and in turn generate full-featured maps and reports with speed and ease.



Decisions are driven by information.  Often the final and ultimate goal of GIS data is the extraction of new information through the process of spatial analysis.  TimberNorth's GIS analysts are raster specialists and are proficient in distance, visibility, viewshed and surface analysis.  LiDAR data has become the ultimate source of accurate high-resolution elevation information and can be applied to anthropogenic and natural feature extraction, road engineering, hydrology and exploration.

Landscape and ecosystem modeling with digital elevation models, including those derived from LiDAR data is also a focus of expertise for TimberNorth's GIS analysts.  Ecosystem information acts as a surrogate for site productivity and aids in volume estimates, harvest planning and reforestation.

Spatial Analysis/LiDAR
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